2013 Arts & Culture Day in Tallahassee

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There is an annual arts and culture advocacy day coming up on March 20th in Tallahassee. See http://www.flca.net/2013artscultureday.html for details.

I’m not able to go, but I emailed my representatives to ask them to support arts and culture in Florida. If you are a Florida artist, I recommend you do the same. You can find your state senators and state congresspeople online. Feel free to use and modify my text below:

Senator/Representative [whomever], The 2013 Arts and Culture day is coming up in Tallahassee on Wednesday, March 20, 2013. Although I can’t attend, I wanted to let you know that as one of your constituents, I strongly support restoring state support for arts and culture grants. This is already happening little-by-little; however, looking over the last six years, state support for grants has been reduced by over 73%. This directly affects me as an individual working professional artist who relies in part on grants. Our creative industry is vital to our state’s economic and qualitative recovery and development. Arts, arts education, and culture are part of the solution and matter to myself, my fellow Floridians and tourists. Please support the arts this year at Arts and Culture day. Regards, [you]