Playing at the intersection of interactivity, math, and code


Public Art Installation. 2015

A projected clock senses and visualizes the auditory environment in which it is situated, translating sound into light.

Four Dimensions

Real-time Audio-visual Performance. 2012

Single movement work for orchestra, surround sound electronics, and EWI, exploring the mathematical dimensions.

Beautiful Chaos

Interactive Software Art. 2013

Use your hands to explore the curves and ripples of mathematical equations brought to life in vivid color.


Interactive Software Art, Print. 2017

Audiograms are visual encodings of one minute field recordings from my travels around the world. An Audiogram is a message from me to you, and from me to me - an artifact of remembrance, of being somewhere, of what it was like to be there at a particular place and time, and to listen.

Searching for the Flow of the Tropical City

Single Channel Video Installation. 2014

Buses animated according to their schedule in a sped up 24 hour cycle typical of a weekday in Central Florida.

Untiled Faces

Interactive Sculpture. 2011

Command an abstract mathematical space with joysticks on a mysterious black box.

Society of Stickpeople

Real-time Video Projection. 2009

Virtual stickpeople exhibit emergent behavior as they interact over the course of their short lives.