Technology, Art, and Entrepreneurship: An Interview with Nathan Selikoff

Frank Flanagan, Orlando Tech Association, 2016.

EP 009 – The Palace of Horses w/ Nathan Selikoff

Ben Kuykendall, Orlandia Podcast, 2016.

WUCF Artisodes – Episode 152, Evolution

Articles and Essays

Shanghai Nights

Carla Rappaport, The Lumen Prize, 2017.

Nathan Selikoff

Gemma Carr, Artists & Algorists, 2014.

Is it Art?

Samantha Ragland, The International Review of African American Art, 2013.

Digital Artist scores solo show at Eissey Campus

Gretel Sarmiento, Palm 2 Jupiter, 2011.

Nathan Selikoff’s New Heights in Computer Art

Egberto Almenas, Originally published on, 2010.

Math and Translation

Amy Letter, The Electronic Girl, 2010.

Metaphysics and the inner city: the studio of Nathan Selikoff

Rex Thomas, Winter Park Examiner, 2009.

When Suns and Fractals Collide: Brilliant Digital Artwork by Nathan Selikoff

Dan Duhrkoop, Empty Easel, 2008.

Attractor Explorations

Paul Prudence, dataisnature, 2005.

Strange Attractors

Jer Thorp, Blprnt, 2005.


Rich black pigments create a comfort zone in Snap’s collab show with Flying Horse

Richard Reep. Orlando Weekly, 2017.

More Math Art from the Bridges Conference Jyväskylä, Finland

Susan Happersett. 2016.

Richard Reep, Orlando Weekly, 2014.

Amateur inventors wow crowds with menagerie of wonders

Martin E. Comas, Orlando Sentinel, 2013.

Bridging the Gap Between Math and Art

Evelyn Lamb, Scientific American, 2012.

Orlando Philharmonic, Full Sail University mix music and technology

Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel, 2012.

Untiled Faces, fascinating maths

Chiara Ciociola, Neural, 16 Aug 2011.

RS21 at the Maitland Art Center

Rex Thomas, Winter Park Examiner, 2009.

Strangely Attractive

Lisa Delgado, Rhizome, 2008.

Review of the Art of Digital Show 2007

Don Relyea, Don Relyea’s Blog, 2007.

Art & Digital Imaging Technology: The Top 40 Show @ LACDA

Roger Macintosh, Coagula Art Journal, 2005.

Books and Catalogs

Art Capsules: The Contemporary Art Scene in Central Florida and Beyond

Egberto Almenas, 2014.

Fractal Art: Closer to Heaven? Modern Mathematics, the art of Nature and the nature of Art

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