The Research Studio in the 21st Century (RS21) - Catalog

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In October of 2008 I met the Central Florida artist known as KYLE, and Gloria Capozzi at a UCF Art Alumni Association meeting. After an enjoyable discussion, they invited me to join the RS21 group they had started:

The Research Studio in the 21st Century- February 5th Maitland Art Center’s (MAC) family of artists , including faculty, staff, students and associates will depart from the types of tradition-based art forms associated with MAC and create new, cutting-edge art works and art installations in the spirit of the research studio founded by Andre Smith in the 1930’s (now called the Maitland Art Center)

The group of us met together frequently for lunch to discuss our art practices and art in general. The culmination of this experience was a series of exhibits focusing on contemporary installation art and conceptual art, during which I displayed The Society of Stickpeople as a real-time, site-specific installation. As a part of this effort, a catalog was created to document the group, and we sold a limited number of copies at the RS21 exhibitions in 2009. Macey Mackubin via Kim Walz designed the catalog, and Egberto Almenas wrote the text accompanying the artwork. It’s a fantastic catalog, and you can view it in its entirety right here: RS21 Catalog. I’m on pages 8 and 9.