Getting up and running with Cinder, Leap Motion, Cinder-LeapSdk and Xcode

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I’ve got a developer copy of the Leap Motion, a very exciting hardware device that senses the position of your hands in 3d space (watch the demo video here if you’re not familiar with it).

There are a few quirks to getting up and running with the Leap using Cinder, but thanks to Stephen Schieberl I was able to get everything working.

1. Download the Leap Motion Developer Kit (Developer account required) and install the Leap application that runs in the background in your taskbar/toolbar. With the app running and the Leap Motion plugged in, you should be able to run the Visualizer and see that the device is working. As of this post the SDK is at version 0.7.6.

2. Clone Cinder 0.8.5 from Git (it’s currently the dev branch and will be released soon). This version is required in order to use BanTheRewind’s Cinder-LeapSdk block*.

git clone -b dev

```–recursive git:// cinder_dev

3\. Build Cinder:

cd cinder_master/xcode ./

4\. Clone the [Cinder-LeapSdk]( block into cinder_master/blocks:

cd .. git submodule add blocks/Cinder-LeapSdk

That’s it… find the sample Xcode projects in Cinder-LeapSdk/samples/\*App/xcode and run ’em!

\*If you try and use Cinder-LeapSdk with Cinder 0.8.4, you won’t be able to compile. You’ll probably see errors like this:

auto_buffer.hpp:565:57: Reference to non-static member function must be called; did you mean to call it with no arguments? Cinder.h:70:11: ‘tr1/memory’ file not found ```

More info: