Bridges Pécs 2010 a Success; Thank You United Arts!

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Sierpinski Tetrahedron made of balloons at Bridges Pecs 2010Amy and I got back a few weeks ago from a two week adventure in Hungary and Austria, the first week of which was spent at a math / art conference called Bridges Pécs 2010 in Pécs, Hungary. The conference is always a blast, bringing together a few hundred brilliant people from diverse geographic and intellectual areas. Pictured here is a Sierpinski tetrahedron collaboratively created in a workshop led by Vi Hart, who started us out with basic balloon twisting and moved into “computational” balloon twisting. Having learned how to first make a balloon octahedron wand, we learned how to make tetrahedra out of two balloons, and after much squeaking, locked them all together into the final form.

At the Bridges conference, there is always a visual art exhibition of “math art”, mathematically inspired art, art that uses math, and various other categories of smart art. This year for my submission I brought a Mac Mini that ran Æxploration, my interactive strange attractor renderer. I had a great time watching people play with the software and explore unique forms and shapes among the infinite possibilities represented by the algorithm.

A big “Thank You” to United Arts of Central Florida, who provided the Mac Mini that ran my installation in the gallery through a Professional Development Grant!