Interactive Software Art, 2003.

Æxploration (Aesthetic Exploration) began as an internal artist’s tool used to create prints and animations from chaotic mathematical systems.

This interactive software, when placed in a gallery context, gives viewers a look behind the curtain and an experience of the tension between artist and computer, order and chaos, and control and lack thereof.


2012 – Beautiful Data: Technology and the Creative Process, Kent State School of Art Galleries, Kent, OH
2011 – Solo exhibition, Urban ReThink, Orlando, FL
2011 – Process & Influence (solo), The Gallery at Eissey Campus, Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
2011 – Orlando Mini Maker Faire, Central Florida Fairgrounds, Orlando, FL
2011 – Joint Mathematics Meetings Art Exhibition, (JMM / SIGMAA-ARTS), New Orleans, LA
2010 – Bridges Art Exhibition, Pécs, Hungary
2008 – Creating Chaos Live. Create Chaos 2008, Orlando, FL. Sponsored in part by MGFest
2006 – New Math, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA
2004 – BFA Art Exhibition, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
2004 – SIGGRAPH SPACE, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA
2003 – SIGGRAPH SPICE (honorable mention), San Diego, CA


Supported in part by a 2009 Professional Development Grant from United Arts of Central Florida

Strange Attractors Tech Notes Tutorial: Strange Attractors in C++ and OpenGL