Giant Marionette

Interactive Sculpture, 2013.

For the first annual Cardboard Art Festival, I reused the bits and pieces of Intersect, a temporary site-specific public art installation, fashioning them into a giant cardboard marionette.

This stickman-like puppet is a multi-player experience, with strings that control its body, arms and legs. As part of the Society of Stickpeople series, the work explores the contrast between individual and collective action, and ideas of impermanence and control.


Recycled cardboard, recycled hammock chair crossbars, rope, string, pulleys, miscellaneous hardware


15 x 4 1/2 x 1 1/2 feet


One of a kind. Available for temporary installation or purchase. Contact me for details.


2013 – Orlando Mini Maker Faire, Orlando Science Center, Orlando, FL
2013 – Cardboard Art Festival, Say It Loud, Orlando, FL


Giant Marionette was created with support from Mark Baratelli and, Say It Loud, Doug Rhodehamel, Brendan O’Connor, Christie Miga, and Evan Miga.