Print, 2011.

Swooping and diving through a field of dark blue-violet, the lightning-like luminescent forms in this artwork are reminiscent of a real-world electrical phenomenon known as a “sprite” that occurs high in our atmosphere.

However, these shapes come from a virtual mathematical world that I explore using the computer and custom software. Art and mathematics – the right brain and the left – are inextricably linked in this work, which depends on mathematics, yet simultaneously illuminates and unravels its beauty.


Inkjet print, Diasec style mount


36 x 27 inches


Limited Edition. Click here for details.


UBS, London, United Kingdom


2013 – One night solo exhibition, Timucua, Orlando, FL
2012 – Beautiful Data: Technology and the Creative Process, Kent State School of Art Galleries, Kent, OH
2011 – Visions: Real and Imagined (with photographer Ellie Schorr), GardensArt, Palm Beach Gardens City Hall, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
2011 – Process & Influence (solo), The Gallery at Eissey Campus, Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
2011 – Bridges Art Exhibition, Coimbra, Portugal

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