"Chaos and Computation" Lecture - April 6th

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Image above: a Harmonogram of Ivan Moscovich, from 1968. Not a chaotic artwork, but definitely a generative one.

On April 6th, I’ll be giving a lecture in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The talk is called The Confluence of Chaos and Computation in Generative Visual Art and will be an expanded version of the talk I gave at the AMS meeting last November. I’ll be speaking twice, first at 12:30pm at the Lake Worth Campus, Room NS129 and later at 6:00pm at the Eissey Campus, room SC127.

Here’s the abstract:

With the rise of accessible computation in the 1960s and 70s, practitioners of mathematics, statistics and physics were suddenly able to explore chaotic dynamical systems in new, powerful, and decidedly visual ways. At the same time, adventurous visual artists were adopting the computer as a new artistic tool in their repertoire, and from their ranks a few embraced chaos theory as a direct source of inspiration, imagery, and algorithms. I will discuss this confluence of mathematics and visual art and then illustrate its impact on my fine art practice.

And here are Google Maps links: Lake Worth Campus and Eissey Campus.

Hope to see you there!