A real-time animation, built with Processing, simulates three double pendula with slightly different starting positions. Double pendula exhibit chaotic behavior – and the “sensitive dependence on initial conditions” of chaos is seen in the divergence of the three pendula over time.

In addition to this virtual simulation, a physical double pendulum with glowing tape and a black light was installed in the woods as part of the INsideOUT exhibition at the Atlantic Center for the Arts Digital Arts Residency in 2008. The installation was a collaboration with Jane Prophet.

In 2014, an extension of the same code was used to trace out the path of the double pendulum with lyrical, calligraphic lines, which were then transferred to a limited edition run of notebooks.


Installation: Computer, screen, metal, various hardware, black light. Journals: kraft journals, ink jet transfer via wax paper, spray lacquer.


Installation: variable. Journals: 25 x 19cm.


Journals: limited edition of 9. Contact Snap! Space for details.


2008 – INsideOUT. Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL


The installation was a collaboration with Jane Prophet.